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Posted by: vela Mar 10 2015, 04:38 PM


founded by christina wills, this is one of the two most well established groups of survivors to date, at least in the nevada area. taking residence in what was once an apartment complex, the members of this group have access to an old grocery store, several nearby department stores, a swimming pool, individual apartments, nearby restaurants and convenience stores / pharmacies, and an old bar. the group is safely nestled into a well protected area, surrounded by tall fences and a gate that once kept out traffic, but despite all this, tensions are beginning to rise as people start to question their leader’s morality (and sanity).


this group is a beacon of light for all those seeking a place to stay. residing in the bellagio hotel, the group is a safe and fortified haven for survivors from all walks of life in las vegas, granting peace and security to those who would have none otherwise. their leader, archer deluca, is a man of good morals and the members of the group have great faith in him. so far, he’s kept the hotel well stocked, the people happy, and provided a solace in the midst of a cruel and cold new world, complete with separate living quarters and a pronounced sense of community.


these are the murderers, thieves, and criminals. they rarely actually venture into community limits, preferring to live in solitude or in the desert, outside the reach of the guidelines and laws set down by group leaders. like the name suggests, outlaws are the lawless ones. the ones the survivors really have nightmares about - rough edged, cold hearted, cruel, moral-less, feral - something less than human but more than beast, unafraid to tear throats out if that means survival.


these are the people who don’t really fit in anywhere. the leftovers, the solitary survivors, the wanderers. usually alone or in groups of less than 5, they spend most of their time on the outskirts, avoiding outlaws and occasionally traversing deeper into the cities to find supplies. some of them have taken up residences in apartment buildings or abandoned houses, but generally, those areas are unsafe and those who reside there don’t stay long.

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