welcome to obituary! register your name (first and last) in all lowercase. we are a rapidfire shipper-app site site set in the united states following a viral outbreak. it is currently march, 2015, and fairly cold outside. the majority of survivors should be dressed as warmly as possible and find some sort of shelter to sleep in besides a tent due to high winds at night. if you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact one of the admins via either private message or instant message.

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victoria296 Posted on Jan 25 2016, 09:47 PM
vela Posted on Jan 18 2015, 04:35 AM
RULESREGISTERING - please register with FIRST & LAST NAME in ALL LOWERCASE (EX: claire redfield). if you mess up, please let an admin know or post in character moderation so we can fix it for you.FACE CLAIMS - we allow any faceclaims besides youtubers & site models. that means any recognized model, actor/actress or musician - along with other famous people / celebrities like sports stars etc. as long as someone would know who they were. if in doubt, the cbox is there for you to ask!APPLYING - we are a shipper app site. that means that there's no pesky long app to write, just a shipper! you can find the template in the forum labeled registration, and if you fill that out (along with your whole miniprofile and custom profile) you can join the site! but like i just said, please make sure you fill everything out (including graphics) before you say that you're done! if you don't, your application will be pended until you fix it.ABILITY LIMITS - first and foremost, there are no multiples of the same ability allowed. this is to be fair to everyone, so that we don't have sixty people running around with pyrokinesis and none with lesser known abilities. branch out a little.second, there are certain abilities considered divine or higher-level, which we do not allow people to take without working towards if you want more information on which abilities these are and our rules on them, please read this. make sure you check the list provided HERE thoroughly to make sure that the ability you want isn't listed as divine.you may not have an ability that allows your character to have multiple abilities at one time unless you go through the higher level ability app process. this includes mimicry, replication, absorption, learning, and creation. don't try to slip this past us. these abilities may be allowed if the user is limited to holding one ability at a time. other than that, they are higher level, as they allow the user to achieve a full arsenal of abilities.ACTIVITY - we require activity once every two weeks, at the very least. that means every fourteen days - but since we allow rapidfire threads and comm threads to serve as activity, that shouldn't be too hard. keep in mind that if you miss fourteen days without posting, your faceclaim or any other claims you've done can be taken without a warning. it isn't all that hard to post once every two weeks when a one sentence post counts as activity!LIMITS ETC - we do not have any sort of gender ratio, but as of right now, you are only allowed ten characters before you will have activity requirements to meet. once you've made ten, you will need FIFTY posts per character to make another. you are also only allowed to make one character per day. if we feel it needs to be longer we will say so.RESPECT - this one should be simple. don't be rude, don't be a jerk to others on the site, nor the admins. please respect those around you and be a generally nice person. and remember that ic drama does not equal ooc drama so don't take out frustrations over things that happen in character on other members of the roleplay.DISCLAIMER - if at any point we feel that you are making other members uncomfortable, offending others, or that there is another reason that you do not belong on this site, we reserve the right to ask you to leave without warning - but we will always provide an explanation.