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 keep the streets empty for me, 30. paradise. eva green.
althea jackson
 Posted: Mar 14 2015, 11:48 AM
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the basics

full name: althea persephone jackson.
nicknames: thea. just thea, nothing else.
birthday: 09/19/1984.
age: 30.
gender: cisgender female.
preferred pronouns: she/her/herself.
sexuality: polysexual greyromantic.
marital status: single.
significant other: lmao none.
family members:

norman jackson - father (deceased)
patricia jackson - mother (presumed dead)
theodora jackson - older sister (status unknown)
current/former pets:
hometown: normandy, france.
current group: paradise.
occupation: protective barrier creation/guard.
ability: dust manipulation.
notable skills: gymnastics training, doctorate in forensic anthropology, in-depth knowledge of thanatology, biology, forensic anthropology, basic knowledge of pathology, fluent in french.
combat/survival skills: self defence, knows how to determine cause and time of death, basic knife/short-range weapon skills
meyers briggs type: enfj
moral alignment: true neutral.
zodiac sign: virgo.
temperament: choleric.
deadly sin: wrath.
face claim: eva green.

thea was born in paris, france to university professors norman and patricia jackson. while norman and patricia were both born and raised in england, they moved to paris after new job opportunities there. around ten years later, their first daughter theodora was born - thea followed three years later. the family's time in paris was undoubtedly fun - theo would tag along with their art history professor father, while thea trailed behind their anthropology and sociology professor mother. the jacksons were a happy family, the jackson sisters raised to be curious and thirsty for knowledge, to be dauntless in their pursuit of what they love.

when thea was five, the family abruptly moved to normandy. as it would turn out, norman had been diagnosed with stage four lung cancer, and wanted to peacefully live his last few months out in the countryside with his family, away from the demands of work. it shattered theo and thea - theo more so, by any measure, but thea was distraught. in the end, norman did pass away quietly and peacefully one summer night, but his death left an imprint on both of his daughters. theo threw herself into her art - and thea found herself dogged by the unfairness of it, of how her father could be snatched away so young. death became an obsession of hers - how it came about, how you could tell when it was arriving, how it was embraced or shunned around the world. it earned her a fair bit of shunning from her peers, but her family was supportive.

thea got a double degree in science-based anthropology, and molecular and cell biology, then moved to california to attend uc davis' forensic science program. shortly after graduation, she joined a private laboratory, with her research focusing primarily on the pathology of cancer, and treatments of cancer across different time periods and regions.

when the apocalypse hit, well - everyone was caught off-guard. thea included. tragically, her lab was overrun by zombies, and she got out by a hair's breadth; she didn't even bother to find out what happened to her colleagues. she just ran. news slowly filtered back that europe had been hit too; she mourned her mum for a fortnight, distraught and trying to find out about her sister's - her last remaining relative's - fate. no solid information came in, but rumours seemed to hint that theo had survived, and that was enough for her for now.

thea set off for las vegas upon hearing some stable groups were forming there. along the way she ran into some trouble, banding around with some other unaffiliated before moving on. finally chancing upon paradise, she settled down. a utopia it was not, but it was much better than nothing and so far, she's found the group pretty alright.


thea's ability is dust manipulation, extending to dust, sand, and dirt. she can bend it to her will from a moderate distance, whether it's to flick sand in someone's face or create a solid dirt barrier for protection. her ability can be used from a decent enough distance away - generally if she can see it, it's bendable, but the closer it is to her the stronger her control over it is. her formations have proven to be quite sturdy - if her team runs into trouble on supply runs, her barriers can withstand a few bullets before they disintegrate. wet sand cannot be manipulated, however, which is why she tends to hope it doesn't rain now.

the friends

friends are a bit touch-and-go for thea. she's slightly rough around the edges and intimidating, but she's friendly and honestly quite a softie ... somewhere deep deep inside. her sister was by far the more outgoing one; thea has always been more reserved, though not terribly quiet by any means. with the apocalypse being what it is, she's more cautious and careful than usual. she does love to meet new people, she just needs some time to get used to them. resourceful, sharp-witted and flexible, thea is the dependable kind of friend - someone you want on your side in a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

the foes

anyone who threatens the group. she may not get along with them all the time, but she does feel a sort of duty to protect and support them, so that's that. she can come off as a bit abrasive due to her blunt nature and sharp face, and there's definitely some people who just don't like her. thea's cool with that. just don't mess with her, and she'll stay clear of you too. if you confront her though, it's unlikely she'll back down.

the flames

thea's pretty relaxed about relationships - it's the apocalypse after all, might as well have some fun. romantic relationships have always been rare for her though, and they remain so even now. she has maybe a few bedfriends she likes to cuddle (or otherwise) with, but that's about it.

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christina wills
 Posted: Mar 17 2015, 11:00 AM
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welcome to the site! your shipper (as you can see) has been accepted, and your account should have been changed to the membergroup you placed your character in. if anything has gone wrong here, let us know. please make sure you do all of your claims, and remember that the best way to get plots is to interact with others, either through the cbox or through posting plots for yourself! also, please remember to post in the other person's plotter and not your own. we love you!

carter grayson
 Posted: Mar 24 2015, 05:05 AM
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heya! i'm ace, this is carter, and thea looks like a fucking badass so i figured we should make something happen. carter is also a guard for the paradise complex, so it seems to me like they would probably be well acquainted with each other, whether it were on patrols or just dealing with stuff in the community or something like that. carter was a professional fighter, so he can definitely handle himself physically, but he's pretty naive and overly energetic at the same time. the relationship i picture between the two of them is kind of like a tense friendship -- i can definitely see him getting on thea's nerves a bit -- but maybe thea would have a soft spot for him and give him a hard time a lot and it could be kinda cute. what do you think?
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