welcome to obituary! register your name (first and last) in all lowercase. we are a rapidfire shipper-app site site set in the united states following a viral outbreak. it is currently march, 2015, and fairly cold outside. the majority of survivors should be dressed as warmly as possible and find some sort of shelter to sleep in besides a tent due to high winds at night. if you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact one of the admins via either private message or instant message.
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 Posted: Mar 25 2015, 12:39 PM
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hey all! i've already sent out a pm about all of this but not everyone checks their messages, and those who register/join after the pm is sent need to know this too, so here's an announcement.

as you've probably noticed, it's been a little bit slow on site the last few days, but we're in no way intending to leave.

actually, we want obituary to be a laid back environment. for a lot of us (especially the staff) this is a second or third site, and we understand that for some of you guys it's probably that way as well. instead of keeping obituary a high-tension or extremely demanding site, we're going to be laying back the rules a little bit. we want it to be a place where you guys can feel comfortable and not pressured.

this means that activity rules will be changing. we went from 7 days for activity to 14, and now we're probably going to be going to activity checks instead. however, this doesn't mean we're encouraging you guys to never post! it just means that we're making sure nobody feels like they have to all the time.

activity checks will begin on the 10th of each month (simply so that we don't have it run into acs on other sites).

we also may be altering the rules on duplicate abilities, but if we see you guys abusing the rule change we'll probably go back on that.

as far as plotting, we understand that it's extremely easy to forget to post back in other people's shippers, so we may be creating a plotting room using chatzy, if it works. we'll see. otherwise, we're definitely encouraging you to plot via pm and aim!

lastly, the staff search concluded last night, and our new third admin is charlotte!

that's really all for now, but you guys can also keep a look out for site events and stuff soon too!
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